Commit 758ae906 authored by Michael Orlov's avatar Michael Orlov

Added details about authentication via command-line git.

parent f0c35e4f
......@@ -21,6 +21,18 @@ git clone
cd linux-design
You will be queried for a password, so you should set it in your profile if you don't have one —
click on the password reset link, logout, and continue from there. When done, you can use your email
address and the new password for authentication.
Regardless, you can continue to use OAuth (e.g., an external Google account) for authenticating via
the web, but it is best to add two-factor authentication for protecting your local account credentials.
Another option is to use SSH keys — you will need to generate an SSH keypair using `ssh-keygen`, add the
public key `~/.ssh/` via the web interface, and clone the project as follows instead:
git clone
Add an upstream remote, in order to be able to pull updates from the original tree:
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