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Clarifications for Assignment 3 draft.

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......@@ -305,9 +305,13 @@ Overlay FS as a module — we will need this for building a live boot media.
In order to build the kernel, you need to run commands using `make`:
make -C /usr/src/linux-${PV}-gentoo${PVR#${PV}} <command>
make -C /usr/src/linux-${PV}-gentoo${PVR#${PV}} O=${T}/... <command>
The directory under `${T}` will contain the build results, and needs to be installed
into the system, also under `/usr/src`. The kernel file and the modules should be
installed via `install` and `modules_install` commands in `pkg_config` or similar stage.
For allowed commands, see `/usr/src/linux/README` and [Kernel section][handbook-kernel]
of Gentoo Handbook.
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